• Astrokarijo

    José Astrokarijo

  • Currently team Netherlands
  • Player age 35
  • Country Netherlands
  • Ingame Role Defender

Quick Bio

By day an IT engineer that travels the world, but my true passion centres around Action, Adventure and War simulated gameplay, which means the step into Airsoft was an easy one to make.

More details

    My loadout is based on fast-paced action and free movement.I love the game when it's dynamic and when the team performs on point to take the win. For me Airsoft is an expression of my overall goal to be the best I can be, not just for myself but also in understanding how my strengths complement the team. The game pushes me to be physically fit but also the trains the mind to find the best strategy to win a game. My gear: A SpeedQB belt with SpeedQB pouches, a Dye I5 - Fire version, 5.11 Storm Grey Stryke Pants and Mechanix M-Pact 3 Wolf Grey gloves. My Airsoft rifle is based of an ICS UK1 Captain with Siegetek DSG gears, and my side arm is an ICS BLE XFG.