• BelgianWaffle

    Kenny Van den Eynde

  • Currently team Belgium
  • Player age 32
  • Country Belgium
  • Ingame Role Attacker/Defender

Quick Bio

Kenny Van den Eynde aka BelgianWaffle

A friend showed me the beautiful game called Airsoft and from day one i was hooked. CQB was where i felt at my best. Fast, hard, smart gameplay was what i enjoyed the most.

More details

    My loadout is lightweight, belt or chestrig is what i preffer. My choice of Weapons are my trusty breacher (Sadly not allowed) Custom TM MP7 with Bingo Airsoft and P* inside and my Hicapa. Playstyle: Allround. It’s na honor playing for the Belgian Realstrike Team and i will give 10000% to take that first spot together with my Team